Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Honesty allows treatings things according to what they are like. Honesty as a practise in a society allows complex cooperation. Honesty is supported by the possibility to check everything by oneself - and to not to check them if one is an enemy. So honesty is very different from a trusting attitude! Generally those who demand trust are liars and often enemies too.
For an individual one's own honesty is like moral: it keeps things running well always when others socially copy your ways or treat you much like you treat others. A liar would meet lies roughly as much as one oneself lies, and so lose safety, which is typical for Asians who do not show themselves openly to others.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Get support from religion & Arts

Moral looks like religion, so often moral people are not at all socially pressured toward religion, while nonmoral evil people are strongly pressured toward religios life. So it often happens that the huge strength of religion supports in practise wrong typ ofg people. Religion would be a natural ally for moral people, who also often are fascinarted by the beauty and dedication of religious life. If you as a moral person would pray at least once in a half an hour for something important in your own life or in the world at large, that already could help a lot, if you also visited church at least twice a year.

There is the same type of error with who practices arts. The not-at-all artistic feel that arts are everywhere, that others kind of live a life of arts, their feelings music etc., so they too start an art hobby. While those feeling people with healthy mind and spirit who find arts fascinating and near their own nature, feel that the modern world lacks arts, so their social life too, and so they feel that they do not get a proper good chance to practise arts. But if you find sensitivity to impressions, nature, feelings, wisdom of life etc. near your heart, you could be the one who gets lots of wisdom from practising arts!

Friday, August 30, 2013

The ability to social maneuvers

Often when one gets social influence from a more evil type of person, one notices that that person is dizzy and does not observe much, his movements are clumsy and elementary in skill, and in social matters he does not observe much at all. Such features are likely to lead to social collisions and short-sighted tactics, which make evil a temptating option for him. Such lack of skills is a consequnece of a hostile uncaring attitude toward others. It also makes the person's actions quite transparent to the average person.
If one gets social influence from a good willing person, one notices that they notice a lot, complex landscapes of things with ease. They have sensitive movements and a great variation in maneuvers. If they are sincere with their heart, they can choose many styles and emphatize with the views of others.  So they are not at all so transparent and  they are capable of clever tactics.
A person who values thinking and theory above social matters etc., is in a sense uncaring and that is why he/she does not observe much in social metters and is not able to perform complex maneuvers.

The young and unexperienced would have guessed that real criminals cheat all and do things nastily, but that is not so easy, since a hostile attitude makes one clumsier.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Whom groups support

The thoughts of those who are much more stupid than oneself are easy to follow and usually block like. Such thoughts are easy to agree about if there is no error in them, and generally one can find ways to support them further on that road since one oneself can think farther on those same lines.
The thoughts of those who are much more intelligent than oneself, go too quickly, cover vast areas and may have obscure grounds for their views. Such thoughts are not as easy to follow and they tend to leave one speechless and without clear opinion along the same lines. Often one answers just "Maybe so." or the like.
This is the reason why groups tend to support the position of their stupid members who do not have much to give to the advanging of the common cause of the group. And gorups tend to leave aside the view of intelligent experienced ones who would have superbly much to give to the advancing of the common cause of the group.
This way women, elderly and intelligent ones tend to get bypassed in groups and stupid men gain position, just because all others are up to their level of understanding, and easily!
Maybe if one would notice this tendency to support more stupid views than one's own, one could learn to benefit from the wisdom of the most skilled and intelligent.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Skilled peaceful tactics

If someone is stupid, sort-sighted and lacks skills, he errs in some of his choices, causes lots of damage as a side effect of his tactics and ends up in collisions with others. He needs to fight and that rresults in damage and nothing much gained.
If someone is intelligent, wise and skilled, she succeeds a lot and is able to pay attention to all sides of things so finding well working solutions that others too like. She finds herself in nice friendly social life and has no need to fight, she has found a much better end result without fighting at all.
If the skilled peaceful one meets a short-sighted person who wants to fight, she can well see the grounds for her own peaceful choices and see where she has advantage that has led her to choose her tactics like she has. Her skills give her advantage too. And social eye brings allegiancies.
All do not end up in conflicts, and they make better choices with wisdom and social skill, with an eye for the workings of the world and of the social relationships.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

One correction - or two

In my opinion, it may be that all evil in the world is a consequence of copying the straight lines and boxes of the looks of the build environment into thinking, social observations etc. Instead one should use the sense of structures of the nature: just think while admiring a tree and compare your thoughts to the looks of the tree, keeping the tree as a model of the ideal. Thinking by words is another error to avoid. Please see the thinking course at . + Another correction is this blog's advice on children upbringing. Also the ordinary rationally grounded moraö helps a lot.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Society agreement

The term "society agreement" refers to the rights and obligations that an individual has in a society: wanting certain rights brings certain obligations. My island model explains how these two connect if one wants to optimize the society toward greatest benefit and least obligations:
Each thing produced in a group is produced by certain inidviduals or groups: for example food by farmers and cooks plus transported and sold in shops. Let's group all these persons to an island.
The society agreement says: If you want some benefit, support the slands that create the benefit. For example safety (moral & police), exchange (moral, trustworthiness, trade and money), hobby groups and  federations which support certain cause, etc. If you do not support an island, you are not allowed to gain the enefits that that island produces except via exchange. You can support a general cause like all ok hobbies. This view point in use in a society can make different parties and organizations an expression of the major current of the life in the society and so support the freedom of opinion a lot, and of course support moral freedom at large a lot. All groups fit together via justice as a practise in the society, as a practise supported by the people in that society at large, by the general opinion and by the individual deeds f all who get to know about those things - this is so because their best understanding, heart and mind together and their moral, learned wisdom, the words of the wise, and their likings WITH a picture of the whole in thinking etc. support such course of action. In addition responsibility, common sense like thinking with a pictrure of the whole, and the rule "Live and let others live!" support success in such arrangements. See
When one sees all islands in a society, one can see all the things that that society produces and say who is allowed those benefits. In addition one needs such picture of the whole world.
This way one can optimize a society morally ok. On each island the benefits and obligations are shared according to justice.

"Live and let others live!"


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Types of evil persons

There are many different types of evil persons. Here are classified some common types:
* The stupid person who acts intelligent: If one does not know what one is doing, one typically errs badly. The stupid who acts intelligent takes extra priviledges and uses them disastrously. Since he has noticed that evil people err as badly as himself, he may call himself evil to appear wiser than stupid. He may also identify himself with the evil because of the consequences of his actions. Often stupid people want to see results clearly so that they may appear disastrously big to others.
* One who does short-sighted selfish social calculations: The world affects a lot how our own lives turn out. To care the world to a good state brings be3tter circumstancies for life, so it is worth investing in. Likewise the state of the society. One who is not skilled loses much and has serious dra2wbacks in one's plans and considers them just natural while they are disastrous in the eyes of others. Wise calculations bring moral values as tool for happy life and success. Short-sighted calculations bring criminal choices, which the person sees as benefical (money, position) because he is unable to count and avoid the losses that come along.
* Ones who copy from computers neglect feelings and true understanding: Understanding is the same for all, also for machines, but machines are not yet good at it, but if they have some typical error in their understanding, that is not benefical to them and as the time passes, they will get rid of it. Feelings help to answer needs which keeps us fit and the society in good order. Emotional memories also mark how well we succeed in each strategy, so positive feelings mark roads which are benefical to choose. The biggest matters arouse the biggest feelings, so true understanding demands thinking also in those questions.
* Formal social ways squeeze one to agitation: Anger is a way to get rid of some nasty thing. If one does not oppose formal social ways that force one's life to some nasty continuous situation which should be cured, but misdirects the aggression to something else, it becomes irrational destructive aggression that is of no use but just maliciousness without benefits. If one would direct it right, it would be a curing force, benefical both to onbeself and to the society.
* Copied ununderstood wise tactics used under the command of stupid tactics. Wise tactics bring force and success even if one does not understand why they work. Such is often emotional wisdom of life, arts and religion. If one uses such wise tactics as investments but guides one's forces by stupid clumsy mechanical kind of thinking, the stupid tactics which in themselves could not have caused much harm, cause great harm because they have too much force behind them. One should compare the intelligence of different ways to think and use only the wisest understanding in deciding about goals, tools and values. Intelligent way to think notices more and does not make any errors.
* Soldierlikedness mistaken for causing any big harm needlessly: War too has it's goals, one of them is the protection of the nation. Aggression should be guided by a picture of the whole society and of the wide world and by moral, values and wisdom of life & healthy mind & spirit. Destruction is often a question of stupidity, not of choice. Strenght brings benefit that exceeds the harm done, otherwise it is not worth using or not stremgth. Healthy ways of living bring strenght.
* Liars who seek for realism often cause lot of harm: Honesty would bring you the realism. Most other arrangements don't bring it to you.
* Being enemies toward all foreign nations: The big world matters a loty to your own nation. If you could ally with foreign peoples, for example via trade, it could bring great benefits to your nation. But if you get enemies, the enemy like foreigners outnumber your own people. Most cultures are different. Most people know people only from their own culture, so those who treat foreigners kindly are often fgrom a culture worth respect and those who attack and dispise foreigners are froma culture which should be opposed and cured.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nationalism and selfishness-based moral

Big matters matter much more than, say, 1 millionth part of them. So it matters enormously for a country to choose a wise strategy in it's foreign relations. Count as a vector sum from 5 (China and India) to 1000 (Finland) as big vectors as your own country's intentions: all to the same direction as your own efforts or all opposing your own country. Cooperation world wide pays well! The small scale cannot compete with a so huge force.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Beware of whom you support

Whether you are intelligent, religious, moral or in high position, etc., it is most likely that you are completely unaware of your own huge forces compared to others in your social environment. The differencies of people's capacity are enormous. When you mean to just fix some minor issue like is customary or your obligation, it is likely that you by so doing determine who is next to you in position. Like if there is some evil person who causes problems partly because he does not understand something, if you then teach him those things that you think that everyone should know, it is very likely that he gets so much support from that that nobody else can compete with him, except you yourself. So never support, not even very little, the worst people, but only those who well deserve good position because they are so moral in their heart and actions. Do so even if they appear not to need your help. No-one does well completely without support from likeminded and your helping hand can make a huge difference of how their lives go and what kind of social situation rules in your environment, just because you decide3d to give a helping hand to the most moral people in your environment.

On being accepted

Typically when people meet you, they see a glimpse of your way of life and your perspective to life which brings your way of life and your values. So on seing you, even when passing by on a street, they momentarily tend to understand and accept also your moral. At least if you yourself are a social good-willing person without judging too harshly or causing harm maliciously.
That far ok. But on seing you they do not immediately accept the moral of all those people whom you accept as people like you. For example on seing a good willing social person, they do not immediately accept all religious, happy, liberal minded, beauty oriented, mild, polite, law-oriented rigidy moral, etc. persons, they just do not understand the grounds for their choices on life any more than usual. So do not classify yourself "the same" as all moral people, but only much the same as other people who have the same likings and views that produce in practise the same choices that you find central in your life, since meeting you makes their choices also understandable. Of these others, you can mark that you tend to like their style and value their choices in life because of the good that their choices bring; that much others too can understand and momentarily agree about when they see you.