Friday, August 24, 2012

Skill looks like moral

(What would you answer, if someone asked you: "I suppose that you are average intelligent?" "Umph, well... eh..." "Ok, I take it that you are roughly average intelligent.")

If you are not skilled in what you do, you get:
- lots of failures
- a lot lost
- only few successes
- successes are little things
- the arrangements are contradictory and thought only at the level of the parts
- lots of work needed
- only a little benefit
If you were considered average, you would appear to be evil because of these drawbacks that you should have avoided.

If you are skilled, you get:
+ only  few failures
+ all the failures are minor ones
+ lost only a little
+ lots of successes
+ successes on fine great things
+ harmonical solutions in which things work well together and everything is thought also from the point of view of the whole
+ only a little effort
+ big benefits so gained
If people would mistake you for average, they would think that you are moral.

Count the end result holistically

If you are stupid and watch only the most easily noticeable facts, it is easy to cheat you and even if you are alone, you will not see the end results of what you do. So as you make estimates of what is best for you, do not count only the money or whatever benefit you are planning to get, but also form a true picture of the whole landscape: what are the full consequencies of all the things done and all the things left undone. Would you now choose the same way? Or what would be even better? Please choose that!

Orienteering and a holistic view

Thinking things through with a good holistic view often brings a moral result if the person is selfish to begin with.

From orienteering you learn the usefulness of a holistic view:
If you walk in a forest without a holistic view of the landscape you get easily lost even if you make masses of glimpses to your nearest environment and even further away. But if you first take one long glance around at the whole landscape and so form a map like picture of where you are, you will find it easy to go where ever you wish, without you getting lost. This is very much the same things as the usefulness of a holistic view in manoveuring in the world.

Asians often have not noticed this difference in the effort needed and in the quality of the end result.