Thursday, June 30, 2016

Finding safety

"generally one can
find safety if one is in accord with the wishes of a very wide
majority of the surrounding people. And there are many ways to that.
Three ways that I consider among the best are following the rule "Live
and let others live!" (See Learn the skills of Finns, selfishness-based moral in the
same blog and more widely moral at large (See and then my own social skill from
my twenties, see World is of love (a mechanical model) .
Common sense and a picture of the whole are also needed, see the first
mentioned blog."

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Theupbringing of children, thinking errors and moral

Some quite easy things, if you notice them, help you to be moral.
Children at some age are interested in what is a good tactic in the world and in life. Healthy versus broken is a good comparison to make estimates on strenght. Noticing that healthy is also according to feelings, helps to fit into the same picture likings, needs and civilized values.
Babies have a great potential but all do not end likewise intelligent. That seems to be commected to how they make divisions, what is the basic structure like that they seek for and that seems to be connected to the visual environment as a baby. Admiring trees and the nature as a baby could offer more sensitive, more intelligent, more feeling, more rational, more practical way of looking at things and understanding them intellectually. Also later on comparing one's thought to nature landscape could increase understanding.
Already as a child people have different liking on what areas of life they want to most associate with and work in as adults. Trying to compete with others in their strenghts often ends up trying to replace those areas of life by one's own favorite areas of life. So instead of competing about position, searching for one's own place in the world, the smaller the more one area of life centered one wants to be, and using on other areas of life other ways of thinking and values suited to cultivating those things could bring a much more moral result as long as one understands that soldiers fight for better life and inbetter living conditions and not just for destruction only and that soldiers too need skills like sports etc and that one has the right to be an individual as far as one is moral enough, for example follows the saying "Live and let others live!".

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Tidying behaviour to moral

If some group or nation, which has high skill but a lack of moral, would like to by it's own common effort tidy it's behaviour to superbly moral, then setting the areas that deeds affect in the world according to the rule "Live and let others live!", see , would without altering much of what is done and what is not done or people's level of moral otherwise, lead to excellent moral and so propably to a much much higher position in the world.

Also, if some group is interested mainly at the level of individuals and has a lack of moral, it could propably tidy it'sbehaviour to quite moral by adding to each deed at it's planning phace as the last thing done looking at the thing in the wide context of the world and finding ways to somewhat alter the thing done so that it would be moral in the world. This has to do with the fact that you need to look at the world before you can arrive at things well for the world, you have to aim at moral efore you can succeed at being moral. And the last thing thought of typically settles side issues, the ones not central in one's attention.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Translation rights

One can tranbslate this blog and my texts and my videos (khtervola) on links from this blog, morally to other languages.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Preventing violence

There is a need for violence f some get too squeezed, for example if some institution needs repairing or has as it's workers malicious people who lie. So the ability to notice lies, especially outrageous lies that cover evil deeds, and the tendency to not to accept lies as excuses for doing evil lessens the need for violence. If some institution goes all wrong, that is a serious fault and should not be tolerated "even if" the workers there lie. Better than having a wrongdoing worker, is to have no such worker at all, at least not in a deciding position.
The ability to notice well crimes done by foreigners, would in my opinion demand an understanding of how climate differencies, closeness of borders, major money sources etc affect culture, normal ways to do things and moral - and how to recognize what country people are originally from.
One also needs a good idea of how to defend things and how much violence to use and how much room for freedom to leave to each person or gorup. The Finnish rule "Live and let others live!" is very good for that purpose!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Justice in hierargies brings good will in return

Typically if you have difficulties with people not being at all moral, you have assumed a much much too high position in hierargy, a position that demands much more skill than what you have and much more good will and wisdom of life than what you have, so that people get angry about yoi messing their lives badly or that when you try to guide something you do not have the faintest idea of how it works well. But then if you assume the position which justice determines to you, then these problems get solved, you respect the wisdom of others and get treated well in return.
Similarly, if you assume a much too low position compared to your skills and your amount of moral, then it is like neglecting caring about important things and so other people who copy from you run around carelessly and some not at all wise men speak out loud. If you then assume your correct position according to justice and care about things, decide to somewhat, things find their places, there is peace and love around and people treat you with peace.