Friday, September 2, 2016

Why emperors maybe stayed in power

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"(7. March 2016
As a child I had the last name Hari, so my name Kaisa Hari bought the associations "keisari" = emperor and "tsaari" = Russian tsar (emperor). So I took it to my task to cultivate some of the good sides that people need to have to be good or at least worthy emperors, but I did not connect that to the emperor of China but to rulers of vast areas in general. At the same time I valued grass roots democracy in the Finnish way and not kingdoms as forms of government, much less empires.)
(24. August 2016
I did not have some role or ways of behaviour emperor like, not even sometimes. Instead I thought of emperors as persons who arrange things that people in wide areas need, who find solutions to difficult problems on wide areas of the nation and do that via thinking, discussing, understanding the world, cultures, different types of people, how they interact, what they need and how to arrange such, etc. So I thought of the position of an emperor like an ordinary citizen who in some task deserves well such a high position, negotiating about the affairs of the state. But emperor managing to do that more often, solve problems, negotiate, discuss, find solutions, support good causes, know things and workings of the nation and it's neighbours well - kind of like a relative for an ordinary person, taking part in discussion about something because one has often something valuable to offer, worthy of that role and partly because he/she is often around. So I thought that emperor needs support, needs to show his/her skilledness again and again and again.)"

Friday, July 15, 2016

A sense of different areas of life as interests

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A translation from Finnish:

"A282. Evil and as cures "live and let others live, sefishness, healthy spirit, pictures of wholes and a sense of different areas of life as interests
If the human nature is the same as healthy natural ages old ways of living, it is quite neutral in questions of good and evil: both tough in the hard world and also taking care of the common future to a good state. If onbe makes divisions right, one could see human action as consisting of parts of healthy ways of living with healthy spirit, and in that sense as morally ok. But if one makes large thought errors or estimates areas affected wrng, then the end result can be evil. In estimating right areas to affect the rule "Live and letr others live" is a good rule, which also leaves the individuals so much room to live in that their need to do evil things to get space to live in gets small. Healthy common sense and pictures of wholes are needed as helping aids in that.
If somebody influences all wrong, he or she is typically in a different area of life than what he or she is really interested in  and often in other size class too. It is usual that he/she claimed to be fine in every way and good enough for just about anything, but those things have been parts of the dream way of life of others and not his/her own things, which could have been found by specializing into them, but others would not have considered such fine, interesting or even valued but which for the individual would have been his/her dream life.
It is easiest to get everything right if one is with healthy spirit. That is teh ages old right answer to everything. And selfishness is a part of that but demands getting the areas affected right."

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Finding safety

"generally one can
find safety if one is in accord with the wishes of a very wide
majority of the surrounding people. And there are many ways to that.
Three ways that I consider among the best are following the rule "Live
and let others live!" (See Learn the skills of Finns, selfishness-based moral in the
same blog and more widely moral at large (See and then my own social skill from
my twenties, see World is of love (a mechanical model) .
Common sense and a picture of the whole are also needed, see the first
mentioned blog."

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Theupbringing of children, thinking errors and moral

Some quite easy things, if you notice them, help you to be moral.
Children at some age are interested in what is a good tactic in the world and in life. Healthy versus broken is a good comparison to make estimates on strenght. Noticing that healthy is also according to feelings, helps to fit into the same picture likings, needs and civilized values.
Babies have a great potential but all do not end likewise intelligent. That seems to be commected to how they make divisions, what is the basic structure like that they seek for and that seems to be connected to the visual environment as a baby. Admiring trees and the nature as a baby could offer more sensitive, more intelligent, more feeling, more rational, more practical way of looking at things and understanding them intellectually. Also later on comparing one's thought to nature landscape could increase understanding.
Already as a child people have different liking on what areas of life they want to most associate with and work in as adults. Trying to compete with others in their strenghts often ends up trying to replace those areas of life by one's own favorite areas of life. So instead of competing about position, searching for one's own place in the world, the smaller the more one area of life centered one wants to be, and using on other areas of life other ways of thinking and values suited to cultivating those things could bring a much more moral result as long as one understands that soldiers fight for better life and inbetter living conditions and not just for destruction only and that soldiers too need skills like sports etc and that one has the right to be an individual as far as one is moral enough, for example follows the saying "Live and let others live!".

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Tidying behaviour to moral

If some group or nation, which has high skill but a lack of moral, would like to by it's own common effort tidy it's behaviour to superbly moral, then setting the areas that deeds affect in the world according to the rule "Live and let others live!", see , would without altering much of what is done and what is not done or people's level of moral otherwise, lead to excellent moral and so propably to a much much higher position in the world.

Also, if some group is interested mainly at the level of individuals and has a lack of moral, it could propably tidy it'sbehaviour to quite moral by adding to each deed at it's planning phace as the last thing done looking at the thing in the wide context of the world and finding ways to somewhat alter the thing done so that it would be moral in the world. This has to do with the fact that you need to look at the world before you can arrive at things well for the world, you have to aim at moral efore you can succeed at being moral. And the last thing thought of typically settles side issues, the ones not central in one's attention.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Translation rights

One can tranbslate this blog and my texts and my videos (khtervola) on links from this blog, morally to other languages.