Wednesday, January 18, 2017


In Finland sexuality is a love affair: people choose freely whom they love and with whom they want to get married and start a family. They also choose freely is they do not want to associate with someone or be sexual with someone. That is good life and makes things work out well. The rule "Live and let others live!" (which means that it is ok to be selfish but not to mess with the lives of others, except fairly interfering with others is ok) makes things work out well and gives freedom.

But in some other countruies people either aren't so free, so skilled, they have a different view on love in their enviroment, or they do not have enough contacts. So they end up with less good arrangements which though are said to have the good sides of love affairs.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Dark or light?

As one via age  learns new skills, one first as a kid becomes a member of the adult's world, then later  truly a part of it, then somewhat too skilled for some tasks, then too skilled for many to communicate with, then not understood. Likewise one learns to solve problems in life and of the world, and so later on one has more answers and more skilled style, but less understood anymore. So at first one maybe were for tough realism as a kid, kind of dark, then later average, then light, then out of sight, then dark or light or whatever when one part of the time succeeds in communicating answers found and part of the time is too different to be understood right. So from communication one changes to out of tune but full of answers - finds religion, art, upbringing of the next generation, etc.

On the other hand some try to start from the difficult end and so they lack quality, kind of full of lies. Or someone skilled loses touch with daily chores and so loses basic skills which bring quality. And both gorups some tend to encourage to tasks which require great skill. So it goes ashtray.

All people may have the same building parts, kind of rational, kind of caring for things they consider impirtant. But all do not stick to the level they know well and care about, but mess with the wider world, and so things go ashtray. Or they are social unobjectively in questions that should be parts of the society, of civilized ways and not of social life and personal choises.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Moraali käy yli sairaiden yms hoitamisen oikeuden * Moralis more important than nursing

Minua ihmetyttää tuo, onko hoitoalojen ammattilaisille, poliisille ym ihmisille selvä tuo, että mitä moraali sanoo siitä, kuka saa hoitaa ketä ja että mitä saa määrätä ja mitä ei. Yleensä kai hoitoalan ihminen haluaisi mielellään hoitaa jotakin presidentin tapaista esim. henkilöä, jolla on jokin virka, taito tai vaikutusvalta, ja ajattelisi siitä saavansa etua itselleen, lähinnä vaikutusvaltaa ja rahallista hyötyä kai ja pelottelumahdollisuuden. Mutta moraalin näkövinkkelistä on niin, että kullakin ihmisellä on vastuuntuntonsa määrä, miten laajalti kantaa asioista ja ihmisistä vastuuta, ja mikä taas jää tuon yksilön vastuuntuntoisuuden ulkopuolelle, huolehtimatta, sekä lisäksi on taitojen määrä, esim. ymmärrys ja taidot kullakin elämänalueella sekä havaintokyky ja havaintovarmuus sen osana. Hoitohenkilökunta ei saisi päättää mistään laajemmasta kuin mistä kantaa vastuuta, siis esim. vain hoitotyöstä vastuuta kantava ei saisi päättää presidentin tai muunkaan itseään laajemmalti vastuuta kantavan asioista mitään, vaan vastuuntuntoisen olisi itse saatav päättää kaikki, jottei vaikutuksia mihinkään laajempiin kysymyksiin tulisi ties miten pahaatekeviltä tai huolehdittavat asiat hunningolle jättäviltä. Yleensä se, joka ei ole kiinnostunut jostakin aiheesta, teloo sen kuin tökerö pahoipitelijä, jos siihen puuttuu, kuin mikä lie huonontyyppinen diktaattori, jonka käsissä maan asiat menevät huonosti. Sen sijaan henkilö, joka huolehtii jostakin alueesta hyvin, yleensä antaa sen ihmisten olla ihan vapaasti, järjestääpähän vain jonkin tervehenkisesti toiumivan kätevän avun johonkin yleisesti toivottuun hyväätekevään.

Se, että joku on hierargiassa korkealla ei merkitse, ettei hänen kanssaan noudatettaisi mitään pelisääntöjä, vaan heidänkin kanssaan on oltava moraalinen ja tervejärkinen sekä tervehenkinen.
Esim. jos joku on moraalisempi kuin mitä laki edellyttäisi ja hyvällä ymmärryksellä varustettu, niin ehkä joku sanoo hänen olevan lain yläpuolella mutta se siis merkitsee, että hänen kanssaan noudatetaan lakia täydesti paitsi ehkä joustetaan siitä moraalisempaan suuntaan.

* * *
engl. translation

I am puzzled about whether people working in medicine or in nursing kidn of work, and whether police and  other peoole have been made clear what moral says about who is allowed to nurse whom and what one is allowed to command and what not. Usually people in nursing type of work would like to nurse someone like a president, who has some job position, skill or influence, and they would think taht nursing such would give them benefit, mainly influence and money benefit and propably also the ability to scare people, threaten them. But moral says that each individual has one's own amount of carrying responsibility about people and things, and what is left outside that area, not taken care of, and in addition an amount of skills, for example understanding and skills on each area of life and perception ability and how sure it is. Those in nursing type of professions should not be allowed to decide anything larger, anything more important or wider than what they themselves carry responsibility over, so for example a person caring only about nursing should not decide anything about a president or anyone else carrying wider responsibility than she herself / he himself, instead those who carry responsibility should be allowed to decide everything so as to avoid influences from evil people and from irresponsible people. Usually a person who is not interested in some subject, breaks it like as if in a fight, if one interferes with it, like a poor dictator that ruins one's country. Instead a person who cares well for some area, usually lets those people live freely and just arranges some needed generally wanted moral thing in healthy well working ways.

Someone being high in a hierargy does not mean that one should not follow any rules of game with him /her, instead with him/her one needs to behave morally and according to common sense with a picture of the whole and with healthy spirit. For example if someone is more moral than what law requires and with a good understanding, maybe someone says that he/she is above the law, but it means that with him/her one should also follow law fully but maybe be inclined to even more moral behaviour than the law is.

When there is some common sense lacking in the laws or some big problem needing correcting, correcting those may in common sense like ways like is fair go above the laws.
In Finland there is the saying "Emergency does not read the law." meaning that you can for example steal something not so important in order to help someone in an emergency.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

"Live and let others live" also if there are lots of murders

The Finnish rule "Live and let others live!" means roughly that "it is ok to be selfish (in ways positive for happy life) but not to disturb the lives of others, not to cause unfairly harm to others".
So if there for example is a meadow full of insects and they eat lots of other insects and birds too eat them, one could still use this rule:
Just avoid things like torture and ruining the society and instead preferably make murders, possibly with cannibalism but with the consequences of each murder and especially of many murders and decisions to not to murder someone, taken into account morally, wishing for the good of the society and of the world in the long run..
That is just why we have armies and police, even education: to prevent worse, even if it means killing many. That is just how societies work well, protect good life by common effort. If some insect eats the corpse, I do not see how it would somehow be wrong in essence, it sounds like natural, but of course if one makes it a habit to kill without regard on whom one kills and why, just kill somebody when one is hungry, does one then kill the friendly morally ok society members while enemies of the society keep distance and that is wrong, just against the idea, against the right to kill someone, namely the enemies of good life should be killed and those creating good life in the society and in the world should be given well room to live in and safety & fair support.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Why emperors maybe stayed in power

From my blog
"(7. March 2016
As a child I had the last name Hari, so my name Kaisa Hari bought the associations "keisari" = emperor and "tsaari" = Russian tsar (emperor). So I took it to my task to cultivate some of the good sides that people need to have to be good or at least worthy emperors, but I did not connect that to the emperor of China but to rulers of vast areas in general. At the same time I valued grass roots democracy in the Finnish way and not kingdoms as forms of government, much less empires.)
(24. August 2016
I did not have some role or ways of behaviour emperor like, not even sometimes. Instead I thought of emperors as persons who arrange things that people in wide areas need, who find solutions to difficult problems on wide areas of the nation and do that via thinking, discussing, understanding the world, cultures, different types of people, how they interact, what they need and how to arrange such, etc. So I thought of the position of an emperor like an ordinary citizen who in some task deserves well such a high position, negotiating about the affairs of the state. But emperor managing to do that more often, solve problems, negotiate, discuss, find solutions, support good causes, know things and workings of the nation and it's neighbours well - kind of like a relative for an ordinary person, taking part in discussion about something because one has often something valuable to offer, worthy of that role and partly because he/she is often around. So I thought that emperor needs support, needs to show his/her skilledness again and again and again.)"

Friday, July 15, 2016

A sense of different areas of life as interests

From my blog

A translation from Finnish:

"A282. Evil and as cures "live and let others live, sefishness, healthy spirit, pictures of wholes and a sense of different areas of life as interests
If the human nature is the same as healthy natural ages old ways of living, it is quite neutral in questions of good and evil: both tough in the hard world and also taking care of the common future to a good state. If onbe makes divisions right, one could see human action as consisting of parts of healthy ways of living with healthy spirit, and in that sense as morally ok. But if one makes large thought errors or estimates areas affected wrng, then the end result can be evil. In estimating right areas to affect the rule "Live and letr others live" is a good rule, which also leaves the individuals so much room to live in that their need to do evil things to get space to live in gets small. Healthy common sense and pictures of wholes are needed as helping aids in that.
If somebody influences all wrong, he or she is typically in a different area of life than what he or she is really interested in  and often in other size class too. It is usual that he/she claimed to be fine in every way and good enough for just about anything, but those things have been parts of the dream way of life of others and not his/her own things, which could have been found by specializing into them, but others would not have considered such fine, interesting or even valued but which for the individual would have been his/her dream life.
It is easiest to get everything right if one is with healthy spirit. That is teh ages old right answer to everything. And selfishness is a part of that but demands getting the areas affected right."

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Finding safety

"generally one can
find safety if one is in accord with the wishes of a very wide
majority of the surrounding people. And there are many ways to that.
Three ways that I consider among the best are following the rule "Live
and let others live!" (See Learn the skills of Finns, selfishness-based moral in the
same blog and more widely moral at large (See and then my own social skill from
my twenties, see World is of love (a mechanical model) .
Common sense and a picture of the whole are also needed, see the first
mentioned blog."